Every breath is fresh

Feel The Fresh Mountain Air!


Recover your mind and body with oxygen


Increase your concentration


Be the best in every sport. Mountainair increases performance by up to 18%

Original gift

Really original gift for your clients or employees

More Energy for Sport

A new kind of energy. The best way to verify the effectiveness of concentrated oxygen is to use it during sports performance. You will feel the difference immediately.

Improve Your Concentration

And see the results.

We are not airline :)


Climb the mountains


Improve yourself

Improve your results in every sport.


Oxygen will help you










  • Customizable
  • Powerful
  • Original and Natural


We can customize Mountainair to match your brand colors and logo by adding special elements to bottle design. You will have original present for your clients.

Powerful and fresh

Powerful and fresh energy to your company offices. For your emploiees. Did you know that their work perfomance and efficiency will be increased up to 18%?

It is proven that oxygen provides body with 80% of energy , while only 10% of the energy comes from what we consume.

80% Energy supply
95% Oxygen in the bottle
75% of Nitrogen is in the air
21% of Oxygen is in the air



Pricing table

Choose supply for your Company or your Company clients. Individual consultation and attitude is commonplace. What is best solution for you?

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30x bottle
231 liters
2250 breaths
Various flavors


We recommend
60x bottle
462 liters
4500 breaths
Various flavors


120x bottle
924 liters
9000 breaths
Various flavors
Your logo
Additional design elements


240x bottle
1848 liters
18000 breaths
Various flavors
Your logo
Additional design elements
Special price

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Super Clean

Great Gift to Buy


Try alternative for energy drinks.

Please read STUDY ABOUT EFFICIENCY OF OXYGEN ON REGENERATION: "The effect of inhaling concentrated oxygen on performance during repeated anaerobic exercise" The object of the study was to verify the efficiency of inhalation of 99.5% oxygen for regeneration. Biology of Sport

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Oxygen is great for recovery, as well as for increasing in performance - through intensive supply of oxygen. Such oxygen is now available in portable can. Mountain Air is alternative to energy drinks. Benefit is, that oxygen is natural, without chemicals and calories.

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